• Step 1

    Please submit your enquiry either through the contact page or via phone to 0424 271 637. We will discuss the type of session that best suits you.

  • Step 2
    Booking your session

    After the enquiry stage, if you would like to book in, we shall email you the Session Fee invoice.

    Note: Newborn sessions book out early, a lot of our Newborn clients book anytime from their 12 week check up, it is recommended to book early to secure availability.

  • Step 3
    Your Photoshoot

    All the planning is done, now its time to photograph your gorgeous family! After your shoot if you’re in Studio, you will also have a tour of the showroom to showcase all the amazing printed items on offer. Outdoor Sessions will have a tour of the showroom on your Order Meeting day.

  • Step 4
    Order Meeting

    Once we complete your session, Karina will then prepare the images for your viewing, this can take up to half and hour, so you are welcome to duck to the shops up the road for a bite to eat. Then Karina will welcome you into the KJR Theatre, where she will play you a slideshow, then go through the images one by one for you to select the options or pacakge that best suits your family. We also have payment plans available including afterpay and payright.

  • Step 5

    This is all the behind-the-scenes action by the KJR team to have your images edited to perfection ready for printing. Your chosen products will be ordered and printed.

  • Step 6
    Sneak Peek

    Karina will put up a photo or two as a sneak peek onto our social media pages so you can show off your pics to your friends! If you would NOT like any images online, this is totally fine, please let Karina know via email prior to your session if so.

  • Step 7
    Pick up

    Approx. 4 weeks after your Order meeting, all your gorgeous images/products will arrive to studio ready for you to collect. I also love to take a “selfie” with you and your artwork in the studio to show off on our social media pages (if you’re keen for one more photo!). If you need a pic right away for baby hand/feet castings, or a bday banner etc, this will be fine, please just let Karina know.